Modification spring for NERF Longshot CS-6 - B007HLMJ5O

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  • Contenuto della confezione: Installation Manual, Modification-Spring

  • Prodotto: Modification spring for NERF Longshot CS-6

  • Tipo di prodotto: Spring

  • Marca: Blasterparts

  • Produttore: Blasterparts

  • Contenuto: Installation Manual, Modification-Spring Combined with a Modification Spring the Nerf N-Strike Longshot is THE Nerf blaster

    If you can call a Nerf N-Strike Longshot your own than you possess a piece of Nerf history. The very first blaster to hold the designation "CS-6" - "Clip System 6". There have been quite a few magazine blasters since then but Nerf modders everywhere love the Longshot the most. Not because it features awesome stock ranges - those are actually quite mediocre. What is great is the Longshot's potential. Throw a Modification Spring in there and you will be hard pressed to find a blaster that can hold its own against the Longshot.

    Features of the Modification Spring for the Nerf Longshot

    • Equivalent mass of spring: 9kg
    • Firing range increase: about 150%
    • Muzzle velocity increase: about 100%
    • difficulty level of spring installation: moderate

    Enormous ranges for little effort

    The spring-replacement itself is rather easy - the blaster's internals are a bit complex, though. Take an internal picture or two so you will know where everything goes.

    Once the blaster is open you will have to remove the large orange tube. This is the "plunger tube". On its backside you will find two silver screws - remove these as well to find the stock spring inside. There is one more screw to go on the front of the plunger. Now you just need to replace the original spring with the Blasterparts Modification spring, close everything back up and you are done!

    Note: Blasterparts modification products are no toys. Not suitable for children! The installation of the mod kit causes a significant increase in performance. When playing with other people appropriate eye-protection-goggles should be worn as a precaution. Do not aim at face or eyes of other people.

    Modification spring for NERF Longshot CS-6 - B007HLMJ5O